Ruth became a Christian as a young child, and was brought up in a Christian home, however, it was not the average Christian home!  Her mother was converted from Witchcraft to Christianity. She wrote a book called, "From Witchcraft to Christ" and travelled the world to give her testimony. She became a famous evangelist, which had a profound affect on me and the family.

Ruth was aware God had called her to ministry when I was 17 years old. She originally trained at Springdale College (UK), gaining a Certificate in Ministry, updated to a Certificate in Theological Studies, in 1983. I only became aware of a calling into prophetic and apostolic-type of ministry in 2008 and was since trained, mentored, and ordained in this field by Julia Garrett, in 2011, Apostolic Restoration International Ministries, USA.

Ruth  also completed non-accredited degrees in theological studies: a BA in Theology, and a Doctorate of Theology, in 2011, with the Christian College of Theology, USA.   Ruth also earned BA Honours degree in Integrated Childhood Studies, along with Early Years Professional Status (UK), and has teaching certificates for adults, including the Certificate of Education from Greenwich University, UK. These studies and skills have enabled Ruth to teach and empower the leaders in Kenya.  Ruth  has taught adults (ministry students) in Kenya,  and Childminders and other childcare courses in the UK.    Currently,  Ruth works as a Private Tutor in UK,  mainly teaching children and youth with special educational needs. 

Ruth has been on many short mission trips to Kenya and Uganda, mainly to train pastors and leaders in ministry.  Paul,  Ruth's husband has been on two short-term trips,  the last one being in 2016.  Paul has many spiritual gifts, and a very big, kind, generous and supportive heart.  He is still working for a charity for the disabled in the UK, as a mini-bus driver.  Please click to this link,  to see reports of the work being doing in Kenya.   

Ruth has also taken out other members to accompany her and work with her on the field - Jonathan (her son),  Cathy,  and Fiona.   Fred, a Kenyan missionary who worked with YWAM, has also assisted us on several trips.  Cathy and her husband Mike,  will also be coming out on field trips in the near future. 

During this time,  Apostolic Training Schools, run by the Kenyans, has emerged, along with Children's Centres who minister to families in their communities; the work is continuing and we are looking to expand this work to make it more effective. We are working with Springdale College in UK (also known as Formission College) for accreditation for these courses in Kenya,  and are aiming to set up a charity in UK and a community based organisation in Kenya for the above work. The work is continuing and we pray will continue into the years ahead.

ABOVE:  Paul and Ruth in Kenya,  2016

Paul and Ruth,  teaching in Kenya,  2017

A few students receiving certificates,  2017

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